Le Concert Olympique is a forty-five member European orchestra led by conductor Jan Caeyers. The cornerstones of the repertoire are the well-known and lesser-known works by Beethoven and his contemporaries, such as Haydn, Mozart, Schubert and Mendelssohn. 

Inspired by Jan Caeyers’ expansive vision and many years of extensive research of Beethoven's oeuvre, Le Concert Olympique brings together a select group of musicians three or four times a year. Each tour guarantees a unique experience in renowned European concert halls.  

The orchestra’s sense of ensemble is powerful yet delicate, energetic and excellent. Performances by Le Concert Olympique are a feast for experts and connoisseurs of Viennese classical music. And they are an ideal introduction to this style of music, always leaving attendees wanting more. 

Le Concert Olympique brings Beethoven to life...



Le Concert Olympique works on clearly defined projects, which promotes a high level of focus, and tours Europe several times a year. The orchestra strives for the ultimate concert experience—music par excellence that resonates intensely with the audience.



Worldwide, conductor Jan Caeyers is considered the go-to reference for Beethoven. Caeyers impressed the music world by authoring a sensational biography. He is also admired for his original interpretation and affinity with Beethoven's work.



Le Concert Olympique emerged from an organic Beethoven community of professional musicians from all over Europe. It is both a pleasure and a privilege for every musician to perform with Le Concert Olympique. They bring Beethoven to life.



Le Concert Olympique performs in, among others, Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven and Hasselt. Would you also like to enjoy a riveting Beethoven concert? Click here for all the concert information and to book your tickets.

Le Concert Olympique: The Movie

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