Pure. Passion. Perfection. Participation.

Conductor and Beethoven expert Jan Caeyers founded Le Concert Olympique. Throughout his career, Jan Caeyers has endeavored to research and explore both Beethoven the man and the beautiful music he composed. This quest resulted in his biography on Beethoven—available in English, German, Dutch, Hungarian and Italian—which broke all the sales records and is now considered the reference work on Beethoven. 

‘Writing this biography was a necessary transition for building a new orchestra— Le Concert Olympique. But it was more than that. It was truly a life experience, and I dare say that this book has changed my life.’ – Jan Caeyers

Le Concert Olympique is the perfect instrument to transform Jan Caeyers' original vision on the performance of Beethoven’s works into a resounding result. Caeyers monitors every step of the process, from the orchestra's composition to rehearsals and concert performances. This oversight allows him to generate a unique musical momentum both on stage and in the audience. 

Internationally, Jan Caeyers is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and guest lecturer. In recent years, Caeyers has contributed to various Beethoven documentaries as well as radio and TV programmes. 


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