Board of directors

Le Concert Olympique is an ambitious project that requires a well-founded organisation.
United by a passion for classical music and motivated to bring about the orchestra's vision of the future, entrepreneurs and academics alike offer their expertise to help Le Concert Olympique succeed as a business.

Partners and sponsors

The partners and sponsors of Le Concert Olympique serve as both the visible and invisible foundations of the orchestra. Fully in harmony with the historical patrons who gave Beethoven the opportunity to compose his masterworks. We prioritise sustainability, integrity, visibility and experience in all of our partnerships.

Anna Heylen

The complete Le Concert Olympique experience resides in both the musical encounter and the on-stage presentation. Each musician wears a unique creation by Antwerp designer Anna Heylen.
For ten years, Heylen has seen to the musicians' styling, enhancing the on-stage energy, dynamics and harmony of the orchestra.

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